Manufacturing in EVE Online can be one of the most challenging aspects of the game. However, fear not! We have developed a highly efficient BluePrint (BPO) calculator to assist you in effortlessly calculating material usage and profit expectations.

Our versatile tool covers various production levels, including T1, T2, T3, capitals, structures, and modules, encompassing all EVE Online BPO's & BPC's. Streamlining your production process, you can now accomplish all your manufacturing steps using just this single, powerful tool.

Solar System (your solarsystem)

Improve your manufacturing efficiency by upgrading to our premium service!

Introducing Premium Features for our BluePrint (BPO) calculator!

Enhance your manufacturing experience with these powerful capabilities:

  • Edit Materials in Inventory: Modify your inventory materials directly within the calculator for greater flexibility.
  • Exclude Materials/Components: Tailor your calculations by excluding specific materials or components from the manufacturing process
  • Save Manufacturing Jobs: Save time by storing your manufacturing jobs for future reference or easy repetition.
  • Set Up Default Manufacturing Solar System: Define your standard manufacturing Solar System, eliminating the need to enter production structure information repeatedly.
  • Load Assets from EVE Online: Easily import your assets, including materials, components, and reactions, directly from EVE Online into the calculation form.
  • Link Multiple Accounts: Seamlessly link multiple accounts to load their assets into the calculator, streamlining your production across various characters.

Getting Premium is a straightforward process:

  1. Transfer 25,000,000 ISK to the "KHAN Industry INC." corporation wallet, specifying "premium" as the reason for the transaction.
  2. Wait for 20 minutes, and your premium account will be automatically activated for one month.

Once your premium account is activated:

  1. You can update your assets by clicking the button at the top right of the calculator.
  2. Use the "plus" button to link other accounts and effortlessly load their assets as well.

Enjoy the full power of our BluePrint calculator with Premium Features, making your EVE Online manufacturing endeavors smoother and more efficient than ever before!