Manufacturing is one of the most difficult parts in EVE Online, this BluePrint (BPO) calculator will help you to calculate material usage and gives you profit expectations back.

With this tool is possible to calculate T1, T2, T3, capitals, structures, and modules (it's possible to calculate all EvE Online BPO's & BPC's). Now you can use only one tool for all production steps.

Solar System (your solarsystem)

Optimize Your Manufacturing with premium

Premium features

  • Loads materials directly from EvE Online in the calculation formula.
  • Linking multiple accounts to load there assets too.

How i can get premium?

To get premium is simple and easy.
Transfer 20.000.000 ISK to the "KHAN Industry INC." cooperation wallet for reason enter "premium" wait 10 minutes and your premium account will be activated for 1 Mounth automatically.

After the premium is activatet you can update your assets clicking on the button at the top right.
On the "plus" button you can link other accounts to load there assets too.